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Technical Issues Updated for 2012

Home Improvement Costs for 2012
Our most popular bulletin
Priority Maintenance for Home Buyers
- Important home maintenance and repair items.
Grow Houses 2012 - Telltale Signs
- "Mary Jane used to live here"
A Fall Furnace Primer, Part 1 of 2
- Air Filters
A Fall Furnace Primer, Part 2 of 2
- Humidifiers
Household Glossary
Building Technical Terms Explained
Pill Bugs, Millipedes, Centipedes
Structures 101
That house isn't going it?
Basement Apartment Retrofit
"Untangling the web"     
In Search of the Perfect House
One day we'll find it
Synthetic Stucco
How to pronounce "EIFS"

Solving Structural Problems
With Screw Anchors

Heating, Good News and Bad News
Underground oil tanks
Brick Houses
Solid masonry vs. brick veneer
Dating Houses
What to do when you meet their parents

60 Amp Services
And limited distribution systems

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters
Why are there little buttons on my electrical outlets?
Knob-and-Tube Wiring and Home Owners Insurance
What are the issues?
Carbon Monoxide
A silent killer
Truss Uplift
Cracked tape joints
Urea formaldehyde foam insulation
When Your Ant Comes to Visit
Carpenter ants
Heating Efficiency
What does high efficiency mean?
Rethinking Ice Damning [html]
Moisture in the home
Fireplaces: The Magic and the Mystery
Chimney draw
Mould - What it is and what to do about it [html]
Wet Basements
Identifying and correcting them

Non-Technical Issues

Saving Money While You Save The Planet! [html]
Vermiculite Insulation [html]
No Guarantees
A Home Inspection is not Home Insurance
Pre-Inspected Listings
The future of real estate
Undertaking a Home Repair
How to deal with contractors
When Things Go Wrong
Post Inspection Concerns

Questions to Ask When Shopping For a Home Inspector

Inspect Before You Renovate [html]
Your New Home: Kick The Bricks! [html]