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CONDO Vs. Parking Space

More Parking Space Or More Condos?

There no denying the Torontoians have the condo fever. This is not just for Torontoians, but crazy has spread throughout the GTA including Mississauga , Oakville , Richmond Hill and Markham . 2007 was known as the year of the Condos, with the prices increased by 8.6%.

It is bad enough downtown Toronto is losing their parking spaces, but now plazas are being bought out so that condos can be built. As a victim of condo development, my parent’s business was bought out on Lake Shore And Brownsline for the Aquaview Condo.

Bloor and St. George have experience the same and now stands a luxury condo 1 Bedford , where the prices start from $500,000 to over a Million dollars.


Uptown in North York around the Yonge and Shepard area a plaza that has been standing there for as long as I remember will be torn down and a Tridel Condo will be built.

So what are we to do when the condos are being built? As the old saying goes if you can’t beat them join them. Although I have been a victim of condo development, that doesn’t hinder me from buying a condo in the city.

In fact it makes you rethink, if condos are being built everywhere; taking over our parking spaces and with the increase price in gas prices, cars are going to be scarcely used and perhaps obsolete. Public transportation maybe the answer to our traffic gridlocks. For those who work downtown wouldn’t it be a good idea to invest in a Condo in the city? Something to ponder!

Toronto Condo Internationally Influenced

Condo Communities Influence By The Major Cities In Toronto

There are a lot of condos being built that are being influenced from all around the world. With Toronto being such a multi-cultural country builders like Daniels have the Merci le Condo which will be built in their NY Tower's community, This Condo will have the Parisian style living in The New York Atmosphere. Daniel's also has a Chicago Community In Mississauga, condo that is supposed to resemble condos in Chicago. As well as they will have amenities suited for their condo residence such as having a shuttle bus from Square One to their Daniel's Condo.

Chicago In Mississauga                                                                NY Community In Bayview

Fashion And Real Estate

There is also the Milan Condo being built in Rosedale, Italy being the capital of haute couture, elegance and good taste; that is the meaning of this condo. Couture, also known as a well fitted elegant dress is another condo that is being influence by fashion. Their models are named after Fashion Capital cities like Tokyo, Milan, London, and Paris.

Milan In Toronto                                                                                       Couture In Toronto

NXT in Swansea, their presentation center has been decorated by Fendi Homes, having them import everything from Italy. With Designers having their own suite designed like Giorgio Armani and Vera Wang, the heavy hitter designers are having an influence not only in fashion, but also in home decorating.

NXT At Windemere

East Vs. West

Shangri La in the heart of the city, award winning hotel/condo from the east, with Chinese and Tibetan influence of serenity. The term Shangri La is synonymous with Earth paradise.

The Influence of British Colonization

The Conventry in Oakville resemble a London Style brownstone/townhouse. Looks can be deceiving!! Although These homes look narrow, they have the space of a Luxury Loft and Townhouse, Starting at $1 million, this is a space that would not be found in Toronto.

The London On Esplanade is supposed to resemble the metropolitan part of London, the The glitz and glamour of London, while the Coventry represents the classic nobility of England.

Coventry In Oakville                                                                                         London On Esplanade