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properties condos real estates in harbourfront, real estate agents office in harbourfrontHarbourfront is a combination of new and old
Toronto . South from the heart of the city, the Gardiner Expressway divides you from the hectic ; you can enjoy the city life, while escaping to your own tranquil retreat called home. They have tried to maintain the old buildings while bringing in the modern flair. The St.
Lawrence Market located on Jarvis offer variety of vendors. In 1803, the North St. Lawrence Market located on north of Front, East of Jarvis, and South of King was declared as the "Market Block".

The South St. Lawrence Market building once served as
Toronto 's first city hall in 1845-1899. Since 1901, people all over Toronto have been enjoying the farmer's market and the savvy restaurants around the area. 

There are many tourist attractions that the Harbourfront offers and the residents can enjoy the free shows from their resident. Residents can enjoy the annual Symphony of Fire, where countries proudly show case their fireworks; as well as the Toronto Air Show presented by the Canadian National Exhibition. Marathons which raise money for various charities enjoy the site of the Harbourfront as well.

harbourfront condos properties real estates, real estate agents office in harbourfrontThe Harbourfront is also steps away from Air Canada Center , where the Toronto Raptors and the Toronto Maple Leafs play. They also host number of concert venues. The Rogers Centre formerly known as the Skydome, where the Toronto Argos and Toronto Blue Jays play, they also host a number of other venues. The CN tower also puts on light shows at night and it also offers the famous 5 star 360 revolving restaurant.

The Hockey Fall of Fame is also minutes away on Front Street . Also enjoy cultural events at the Hummingbird Centre, where live theater is performed and the new Four Seasons Centre, which is Toronto 's Opera House located on Queen where the Canada
's National Ballet performs. Roy Thompson Hall and Massey Hall are both minutes away where you can enjoy variety of performances ranging from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra to Just For Laughs Gala.
Only a Subway ride to University of Toronto and Eaton Center ; while only a Go transit ride away from anywhere else in the GTA. Enjoy the boardwalk to walk, jog, or rollerblade along and enjoy the lake.

harbourfront listings real estates condos houses, real estate agents office in harbourfrontMinutes away from the Gardiner Expressway and the Union station which the Go transit and the TTC goes through, this historic national site has been in films such as the X-men.

Majority of the condos are still being built, but the current standing condos have a reputation of being one of the greatest condos. One of the most well known condos in Toronto is the Tip Top Tailor Lofts, which was built in 1929 for the clothing retailer Tip Top Tailors. Located along Lakeshore the building has been redesigned as a modern art deco loft in 2002, price ranging from $190 000 for a one bedroom to over $l million for the penthouse suit.

A truly unique Condo is only steps away from Habourfront, located on Spadina and Front known as the SOHO Metropolitan, it offers a combination of a 5 star hotel and a condo. 5 star amenities is only located on the grounds floor of the building. Thought you couldn't have a community in the city? The Pinnacle Centre and the
West Harbour City both offer a community within it's condos. New on the scene is the West Harbour City , which is still under construction. The Pinnacle Centre, which is a community itself is located right beside the Air Canada Centre (ACC) are 4 condos located on Habour St and Bay St. They have built condos in Vancouver , BC and San Diego , California

Toronto is the most expensive city in Canada to live in, but if you factor it to the world, Toronto is ranked 82 most expensive city to live in out of 143, falling from 47 last year. New York City is ranked 15 and Los Angeles is ranked 42. The cost of living in Toronto is favourable compared to other metropolitan cities around the world.