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When it comes time to sell your home, it's time for sellers to prepare the merchandise. You probably know that your property needs to be as clean, clutter-free and in as good repair as possible, inside and out. However further distinguishing your home from the competition by having your home staged for sale has many benefits, the greatest being less days on the market and a greater profit.


Professional home stagers can see your house as buyers will, and they will then set the scene so that buyers can imagine living there. They will look at your surroundings with an experienced, tasteful and objective eye.


Home staging pricing can start from $200 to $400, however for more extensive staging work on larger homes, pricing can reach up to $6,000. According to, a leader in home staging services, statistics show an average of a 3% minimum increase in final sales price on homes that have been staged, versus those who have not. For example, on a $300,000 home, that's an increased profit of $9000, and definitely worth the home staging fees.


Home stagers will likely simplify the furniture in a room for better traffic flow and to enhance its spaciousness.  They will not be attached to items you might feel work well but really don’t, like your grandmothers antique lamp. They may neutralize a too-personal color scheme or add touches of color or accessories where needed. In vacant homes that feel cold and lack any kind of visual appeal, stagers often bring in rental furniture and create "vignettes," say, a seating area in front of the fireplace, anything that can help a potential buyer picture themselves living in the space comfortably.