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Sutton Member Mortgage - Our Lowest Ever 5 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate Plus a Variable!

The Sutton Member Mortgage Program.    Buyers in todays market are looking for value.   We're committed to bringing them savings in various ways.   One way of course is ensuring home buyers receive the best possible mortgage rate.   Its remarkable the high percentage of buyers that just settle for their banks posted mortgage rate.  Its not your banks job to point out you could possibly save thousands by checking out their competition.

Lowest Mortgage Rate information

A number of Sutton realtors have decided to join the Sutton Member Program to be able to provide some of the lowest priced mortgage products on the market.  For those clients that qualify there is no cost to them, no hidden charges.

  • Current Rate: 3.65%
  • Terms: 5 Year Fixed/Closed
  • Commitment Period: 60 Days
  • Amortization: 25-35 Years Available
  • Loan To Value (LTV) 95% Maximum
  • Prepayment Priviledge: 15% / 15%
  • Default Insurance Providers: CMHC & Genworth Financial    
  • How does one qualify?   First you need to select a Sutton Member realtor - call  for our list - or purchase a Sutton Members Listing (even if its through another realtor)   Home Sellers:   Can you imagine if you listed your home and were able to post our 3.65% Mortgage Rate as a potential offer to the buyer of your home.   It could give you that edge in todays competitive market place - Free Market Evaluation Report

    Buyers are required to qualify for the mortgage, like with any other lending institution.   Regardless of where you are shopping for a mortgage be prepared to provide employment verification, show that you have saved at least 5% down for your home purchase.  Lenders today are also looking for creditworthiness.  

    I suggest all buyers treat shopping for a mortgage like a business.   Prepare in advance a little portfolio, information you know your bank will require to provide you with a mortgage approval.   We can help guide you through the preparation, then more time can be spent negotiating the best mortgage rate in town.  Every 10th of a percent deduction can mount to hundreds and thousands of interest savings over the life of your mortgage.

    For more information on the Sutton Member Mortgage Program visit our site.   Rates for Ultra Low 5 year fixed and variable are posted along with our new 3 year mortgage rate.     We also provide further information on the Lender along with a list of frequently asked questions.

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    Lowest 5 Year Mortgage Rate Sutton Mortgage Toronto

    Shopping for the Lowest Mortgage Rate in Toronto or GTA?   Sutton Member Mortgage is currently offered in Ontario and BC only. 

    Sutton Canada Toll Free:   1-800-265-1361

    Sutton Toronto Office    416-896-3333
    Sutton Mississauga Office:  905-896-3333
    Halton:   905-827-6999



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