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7 Insider Secrets Of Selling Your Property FAST-Even During the Cold Winter Months!

  As the cold months of winter approach, so does the chill and slow down of the real estate market. Most people are busy holidays shopping, spending time with loved ones and dealing with the end of the year stress; Definitely not thinking of packing up all their belongings and moving into a new home.  Although you can't control the bitter cold and the sleepiness of the season, you can follow these tips to increase the chances of selling your home during the off season:

 1.  Consider Home Staging

     When selling, it's important to style your home/condo in such a way that it appeals to the majority. Having too much furniture and clutter might make the space feel crammed and small, the opposite of what you're trying to achieve. Removing just a few pieces of furniture or picking the right pieces will open up the rooms and enhance the space. If interior design isn't your skill, there are plenty of staging companies that for a small fee can rearrange the rooms to appeal to potential buyers. Staging has been proven to greatly increase the likability of properties and even increase the chances of selling, an advantage that is crucial during the slow season.


 2.  Curb Appeal

  First Impressions Are Everything! If the buyer feels the property is ill maintained or unappealing from the outside, they won't waste time going indoors and seeing what your home has to offer. After a negative reaction from the start, it will be very difficult to win over the buyer or even peek their interest. Starting off on shaky ground will hurt your chances tremendously! Make sure to upkeep the appearance of front/backyard, the entry area as well as highly visible areas around the home. You want it to look as good if not better than surrounding properties!


 3. Price Property According To Market

   Although everyone wishes to make a profit off their property, be realistic and consider the time during, which your home/condo is on the market.  During the colder months when many buyers aren't actively searching, it becomes the buyer's market, so extra measures need to be taken to get their attention and peak interest. A price tag that's slightly less than other homes in the area-just might do the trick. You must generate enough interest and buzz in the property, an appealing tag will usually achieve that goal.


 4. Don't be Afraid to Reduce Price, If Necessary

      If there isn't any interest in a reasonable period of time, it may be necessary to reduce the price of the property. Homes/condos that remain on the market for relatively long period of time, becomes labeled as undesirable or give seller's an impression that there are too many issues with your home, thus it isn't even worth their time seeing. As hard as it is to lower the price, it may be a drastic measure that you are forced to take in order to sell it. Of course, it you do have the luxury of time and can wait for a better selling season, it may be in your best interest to do so.


 5.  Fix Up the Small Details/Projects

    The small, unfinished details as old paint, broken closet door and cracked window may appear minor to you, but to the potential buyer's eye the details will stand out immensely!  The negligence of the small, easily fixable tasks makes the buyer wonder what larger issues are hidden. With the property being maintained so poorly; will the furnace give out soon? Will the roof or pipes need to be replaces soon since it is evident, the current homeowners aren't concerned with the state of their home? Doubts and all negative thoughts must be kept to the minimum! By fixing the minor blemishes, you give the possible buyer confidence in the property and possibly peace of mind.


 6.  Be accommodating

     Your ability and desire to be flexible may be the difference between the “for sale” and “sold” sign on your property. Often buyers and sellers run into issues as closing dates and legal paperwork-don't let inability to compromise to cost you the buyer of your property. If possible try to accommodate as best you can, whether striking a deal for appliances, which you initially planned on taking with you or moving up the closing date. Finding a serious buyer in the slow market is tough, don't let small nuances refrain you from selling your property.


 7. Most Crucial Aspect- Find The Right Realtor

     None of the above tips will help you if you do no have the right professional to create buzz about your property! The real estate agent will be the one helping you advertise your home, get people in to view the property and using their expertise to navigate the entire selling process. Never underestimate the importance of having a professional and knowledgeable agent- it may be the difference between selling your home and the price for, which it sells. Make sure you are in the right hands! It may help to ask friends and family that recently sold their property for referrals.


  For more information and help selling your home/condo during the less than ideal slow market season- Give us a call!  We have talented and professional agents that will make the selling process as smooth and pleasant as possible! Don't hesitate-We are here to help you! Call 905-896-3333 or 416-762-4200

Posted: Sunday, November 24, 2013 10:41 PM by Sutton Realty


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