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Your Reno Project Checklist!

Finishing Up Your Reno Projects The Right Way! No matter how big or small the renovation project is- there are a million little details to keep track of! To make sure all your hard work doesn't go to waste and even the smallest tasks are completed, keep this handy checklist nearby as you're about to admire your masterpiece!


1.       Make sure everything works:  The last day of the project make sure there are no glitches! Turn on the water faucets, light switches, open all cabinet doors to make sure they open well, everything is attached, and the water and electricity are operating the way they should before the professionals leave.


2.       Send in Warranties: The pieces of paper will have no use for you unless you register the new products. Don't let a faulty appliance teach you this the hard way!


3.       Update Insurance Policy:  Especially after major home renovations-it's crucial to contact your insurance company and adjust the policy. After all this hard work, effort and money you want to make sure all the labour and your investment is protected.


4.       Learn about Proper Maintenance: While the professionals are still there to answer all your questions, don't be shy and ask for maintenance instruction as well as products they would recommend.  Well cared for cabinets, appliances and other things will serve you much longer if they are looked after the right way.


5.       Keep the Extra Material: Make sure to inform your contractor not to discard the left over materials. You never know when some tile, grout or extra cabinet handle may come in handy! Unforeseen touch up or repair might be salvaged with the left over supplies. You paid for it all-don't let it go to waste!


6.       Save and Label the Paint:  Even tiny amounts of paint can be used for touch-ups, so make sure you keep it all. This will be especially handy if you ever wish to repaint with the same colour later on.


7.       Keep All Your Reno Info In One Place:  Be sure to keep track of your expenses, the contact information for architects/contractors, paint colours, plans, and product manuals. This information can be useful in the next renovation or if family or friends are looking for professionals' referral for their projects.


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Posted: Wednesday, January 15, 2014 6:09 PM by Sutton Realty


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