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Registering Your M City Condo Clients ONLINE ONLY!

If you already have a user name and password:

If you don't have a user name and password - click the Register Button and fill out the form

1.  Have your Reco Number Ready

2.  It can take a few hours for a password (they are backlogged)
and due to Volume their site is crashing.

3.  No Faxing Worksheets - its done online - so while waiting have your clients pick their favourite suite and up to 4 more.  If their first pick is sold out - they will go to the next selected on the worksheet.


These are our reps at Baker to contact with Questions - but READ THE PROCEDURES first and Watch their VIDEO - if you call too many times they won't call you back! There are just too many people in the que!

  • - 416-432-0007
  • - 416-577-8123
  • - 647-588-2278


Limited Time Offer for Agents - 4%
Free Assignment ($500 admin fee only)
Cap on Development Charges $6,000 - $8,000
20% Deposit Structure
and More - Check your Procedures manual

SEE VIDEO at the bottom!  It will help you fill out the work sheet!!!



Pick your Favourite Floor Plan -
and Level - 
(you don't get to actually pick your floor level - its either Low, Medium or High)
Keeping in Mind ADD $500.00 per level -- refer to your Price List and then your next 4 favourites!
Chances are you might not get your first pick - therefore they are asking you to pick 5 in total.

STEP #2 

1.  Clients name

  • Birth Date
  • Social Insurance
  • Address
  • Email
  • Telephone Number

2.  Occupaction - Name of Company

3.  Photo Id - Say Driver License with their Number and Expiration

4.  Upload the Picture of their Photo Id (yes you will have to upload it ... either take a photo with your cell phone or upload it from your gallery)

If you have another purchaser for the same unit -- start this process for them as well.


Next you fill out the Purchasing Profile

- Marital Status
- Age
- How did you hear about them

Step #4

Review your application - once submitted you cannot make any changes.

You will get a confirmation and be invited to the signing on April 1st - do not show up without an appointment!

Work Cheat Sheets

Since you have to send your Work Sheets into the Builder On-Line we have created Work Sheets to help you gather the information you need in advance.  Download a copy below or click here

How To Submit a Worksheet

Online Reports

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