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 Daniel's - One Cole

Daniels Corporation has teamed up with Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Sobeys, And Tim Hortons to revitalize Regent Park. Dundas and Parliament will not be the same with the help of Daniels' One Cole Condominium. This Toronto east condo will set a new standard for eco-friendly and energy efficient living. Two distinctive buildings west building will be 9 storeys with 92 suites and the east building will be 19 storeys with 201 suites.

One Cole is the first phase to revitalizing the Regent Park. It will be Canada's leading and most diverse residential builder and developer LEED Gold Certification Standard (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Ditch the car and invest in a bike and go green along with your home.

Residents of One Cole will enjoy 20,000 Square Feet of landscape courtyard. With work out facilities equipped with cardio and weight training equipment residents will be able to good-bye to their gym membership. Cafe Bar and lounge with access to wireless internet. 24 hour concierge service will ensure residents comfort and security.

A new 26,000 aquatic centre will be built by the City of Toronto at the corner of Sumach and Dundas Street a short distance from One Cole. Although One Cole is located in the heart of Toronto access to DVP is only minutes away. One Cole will be developing north-east corner of Dundas and Parlimant, which means minutes to Ryerson University, Eaton Centre, Dundas Subway Station and the financial district.

Suites start from 497 sq.ft. to 1,238 sq.ft. prices for a bachelor start from mid $170's and 1 Bedroom start from $189,900 


Gradual Deposit Payment Plan:
One Cole has offered deposit payment plans to help those who do not have the usual 20% builders require. One Cole has offered the Gradual Deposit Payment Plan where those purchasing will only need 5% deposit.

In the Gradual Deposit Payment program $3,000 down payment is needed upon signing the Agreement of Purchase And Sale and there after pay minimum $1,000 per month until the move in date or until 5% has been paid. This applies to those who qualify for 95% first mortgage.

One Cole Mortgage:
One Cole is working with Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) to give homeowners a capped interest rate of 4.2%. Which means if the interest rates rise past 4.2% homeowners are guaranteed 4.2%. If the interest rate decreases homeowners can enjoy the low rate.


Attention Renters One Cole has made it possible for you to own your own condo downtown Toronto!

Daniels' First Home Boost- One Cole is exclusively working with the government to get renters to become first time home buyers. The program qualifies the purchasers with 10% down payment in a form of a second mortgage. The funds are recognized by CMHC and RBC, this is an interest free and payment free second mortgage.

This program is to ensure that renters will have a chance to buy their first home.

To Qualify You Must:

  • Must be currently renting
  • Must be a first time home buyer
  • One Cole must be your sole and principal residence
  • Annual household income combined can not exceed $75,800
  • Must be a Canadian citizen at least 18 years of age

Repayment program:

  • Repayment will occur when you decide to sell your home before 20 years or it no longer becomes your primary residence.
  • At the time of repayment you will repay the original 10% second mortgage plus 10% of the capital appreciation.
                        ex. on a purchase price of $200,000 where a 10% second mortgage was obtained and the resale price was $220,000, the repayment would be the original 10% ($20,000) plus 10% of the $20,000 increase in value ($2,000) making the total payment $22,000.
  • If within the 20 years there is a capital loss the repayment of the load will be forgiven as long as it is sold at a fair market value and an arm's length transaction
  • If you own and occupy the home for more than 20 years the second mortgage will be forgiven