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Does Staging Help Sell Your Home in the GTA?

Does Staging Help Sell Your Home?Staging your Home in Mississauga and Toronto

We certainly think so.   With inventory of available homes for sale on market up about 25% in the Greater Toronto Area, we think giving our Sellers every edge possible helps lead to a faster sale, less overall stress and a higher selling price.

Buyers are now extremely internet saavy.   Pictures and virtual tours are one of the key factors for a buyer when making an appointment to view a home with a realtor.

Our marketing department keeps busy all day ensuring our listings have multiple photos and virtual tours attached to their mls listings.   It takes considerable planning and work for both the sellers and realtors but the results are incredible.

With the increased inventory, it is essential to present your home in such a way that enhances its best features and minimizes or rectifies problem areas. Many surveys have proven the importance of home staging as a powerful real estate marking tool that helps sell your home faster and for top dollars.

Market Advantage
As a seller, two considerations are of most importance: time (how long it takes to sell the home?) and money (how much money the home sells for?).


Staging provides advantages on both fronts. Many surveys have proven, quite powerfully, that there are many benefits to staging. Indeed, one of the most important benefits of staging is that it can allow sellers to obtain top dollars for their property. Often times, the seller will obtain a 200% to 300% return on their investment in staging.

  • A staged home shows better than the competing homes on the market
  • Staged homes sell for more money than un-staged homes
  • A staged home sells faster than an un-staged home
  • The listing of a staged home looks superior in print advertising and appeals to more people.
  • Realtors recognize staged homes as the best properties to show their clients

Thinking of selling?

Hire a professional to give you some solid advice, of what to change and what to leave.  Making the right strategic decision can help you save time and money when selling your home.  

There is no question that staging plays an important role in today’s real estate market where inventory is at a high and buyers have access to listings on the net and can make decisions based soley on photos when making appointments to view properties.  

Home Staging Tip when Selling Your Home:   Not adding inside photos of your home can sometimes have buyers believing it's not a home in good condition and may skip your listing completely in their home selection process.


Homes Stagers available in the Toronto, Missisauga, Brampton, Oakville and Burlington areas.

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Posted: Monday, July 21, 2008 10:15 PM by Sutton Realty


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