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Staging For the Holidays
This time a year I am often asked by real estate professionals and stagers whether they should stage their client’s homes for sale in a special way for the holidays.
My answer? Yes.
It’s absolutely essential that we stage according to the season we are in. Here are some suggestions to consider:
Keep it warm
The key to staging for the holidays is to keep homes warm and inviting. Prospective home buyers will not take their time to explore the home if they are cold. This is especially important to keep in mind if a property is vacant. I recommend making the investment to keep the home heated during the cold months.
Keep it light
This time a year our homes become darker. Therefore, use ample lighting throughout the home.  Make the investment to make sure timers are on in every room.
Keep it basic
As you may have heard me share before, how we live in our home is and should be different from how we sell a home. That certainly applies when it comes to holiday decorations. Remember, you want home buyers to see the home, not allow decorations to grab their attention away from envisioning what it would be like to live there.
For the holidays we decorate our homes to celebrate our faith. When staging a home for a sale, my suggestion is to keep the faith-based decorations to a minimum. For example, you might choose to display a Christmas tree, a nice wreath on the door, and a centerpiece on the table.
Keep it clean
In one way, staging a home during the holidays is no different from any other time a year. It is always important and essential to keep a home clean and free from clutter. Keeping it clean can be more difficult during the holiday season. Snow and rain may cause your home to quickly look untidy during a showing.
Keep it neat outside
“If you can’t see it, you can’t sell it.” Truth is, we start selling a home before the home buyer enters the home. It is important to look at what greets the visitors from the curb. This time a year, there are snow, branches and leaves that can turn the focus away from even the most beautiful home. Is the home easily visible from the street? Is it well-lit? Is the driveway clear of snow? Once you have cleared the area in front of the home, you may want to add colors by putting a pot of colorful flowers outside and maybe invest in lights.
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Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 3:27 PM by Sutton Realty


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