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How To Build A Positive Relationship With Your Real Estate Agent.

Whether you are buying or selling, have a positive relationship with a realtor is key.

Here are some tips on how to make an agent/vendor relationship work.

1) Never Break Trust
It’s easy to fixate on agents’ trustworthiness and forget trust runs both ways. Trust must exist at the start of every agent/client relationship and remain rock solid throughout.

2) Show Some Respect
Respect is a two way street, mutual respect goes a long way to creating “win/win” relationships.

3) Balance of Control
A good agent is open to suggestions and happy to incorporate the seller’s ideas into the marketing strategy, but remember agents are professionals, please allow the agent to do what he/she does best.

4) Pick Up The Phone
We live in the time of technology but sometimes using sources like emails can lose the personal connection amongst the client and realtor. Being face to face or even talking on the phone strengthens the trust and relationships amongst client and realtor.

5) Don't Be A Scrooge
If you insist on agents discounting their commissions, don’t be surprised if your agent loses interest and/or feels unloved.
Remember until the property is sold, your agent is working for you for free.
So if the agent is professional and does a good job marketing and selling your property, he/she deserves to be paid and not have to discount commission.

6) Listen
Remember the agent is a professional and they may know what you don't. When an agent tells you, we are getting feedback that the price is too high’ don’t automatically shut down or get defensive, they are being honest with you and letting you know how your home is perceived. Having an agent that is open and honest with you builds a stronger relationship and allows for more realistic expectations.

 7) Be Honest

If you are looking to buy,  give sales agents “all your parameters” so he/she can assist without wasting time. There is a tendency for buyers not to tell the truth about how much they want to spend or the area they wish to buy in. Remember the agent is not getting paid until their is a purchase, giving false information can be seen as a waste of time. Be honest with your agent from the beginning, let them know your budget and they will do their best to find you exactly what you want.


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Posted: Tuesday, December 02, 2014 6:27 PM by Sutton Realty


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