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GO GREEN- Save Money While Saving The Planet!!

 The goverment of Canada and the Provincial Government Of Ontario is helping homeowners go green by giving up to $10,000 in rebate.

This is a limited time offer from the goverment.

Download the full report and receive 25% more money.

It is nice to GO GREEN, but going green should be a choice and not manditory. It should be up to the homeowners to retrofit their house to their liking. Did you know that the government is forcing homeowners to go green?

We Need To Call for Action
Mandatory Home Energy Audits 

We need your help.

The Ontario Real Estate Association is urging the provincial government to amend Bill 150, the Green Energy Act, to make home energy audits voluntary.

Mandatory home energy audit reports can cost home sellers thousands of dollars in lost home equity. Those with less than ideal energy audit ratings will face pressure from homebuyers to either spend thousands of dollars to improve the energy rating of their home or lower their sale price.

Your e-mail will reinforce the message OREA will be sending to the Government of Ontario when we appear before the Standing Committee on General Government on April 22nd.

Please tell your MPP that the government should be helping Ontarians achieve their dream of homeownership by amending Bill 150 to make home energy audits voluntary.

Thank you for your help.